Upcoming Show – Neutral Ground

New Work by Peter Barnitz, May 4 – 30


(New Orleans, LA):  TEN GALLERY is pleased to present NEUTRAL GROUND, an exhibition by New Orleans based artist Peter Barnitz. For his fifth solo exhibition at the gallery, Barnitz reveals his latest medley of contemplative mixed media works that encourage a dialogue between organic form, geometric structure and abstract landscape. Inspired by nature, light and life, Barnitz creates visually complex, deeply meditative abstractions that combine the notion of movement with an appreciation of the schematic.

Delicately rendered, merging the familiar with his personal dialect of abstraction, Barnitz finds inspiration in the work of numerous canonic artists, such as Agnes Martin, Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, Marcel Duchamp, Antony Gormley, Brice Marden and Pablo Picasso.  Through a blueprint of interwoven and playful geometric clusters, Barnitz highlights the passage of time, the mesh of nature and the poise of the human spirit.  Neutral Ground provides a meeting ground for dialogue, compromise, contemplation and dreams.

The exhibition opens May 4 and runs through May 30.  An artist reception will be held from 6 – 9 p.m. on FRIDAY, May 4, 2018.


Peter Barnitz on Neutral Ground –
“Neutral Ground 
refers to the space between or middle ground, where communication and understanding transpire.  Neutral Ground can be defined as an area of compromise or possible agreement between two extreme positions.  In a world filled with the constant bombardment of distraction and confrontation, we must all find a venue for acceptance, connection and peace.  By merging the familiar with a personal vocabulary of abstraction, my work focuses on bringing people together through dialogue, contemplation, compromise and dreams.

As we celebrate the tricentennial of New Orleans, there are many things which make our city special.  “Neutral Ground”  is a unique term to our area that can be defined as something more than just a grassy median between two streets.  It represents a place where strangers ascend to stake claim to a prime space for Mardi Gras, then leave as friends and family.  Neighbors look out for each other, sharing friendly conversation, food, drink, ladders and chairs.  It is a place that truly brings people together.

What does it mean to you?”


For further information, press or sales inquiries please contact Peter Barnitz (pbarnitz@yahoo.com) or visit our website. ( www.barnitzart.blogspot.com )

Please join us on Facebook (@Peter Barnitz Art), Twitter (@BarnitzArt), and Instagram (@barnitzart) via the hashtags #peterbarnitz,  #barnitzart, #NEUTRALGROUND, and #tengalleryNOLA.

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